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Road Trip on the Horizon?

Is a road trip in your near future? If so, let us make sure your vehicle is road-worthy to take you to and from your destination, so you'll come back with only good memories! At only $49.95, our comprehensive, peace of mind service includes the following: Synthetic Blend Oil and Filter Change* Inspect A/C system and ensure proper cooling of cabin Test car battery Inspect, rotate and ensure correct pressure of tires Inspect brake pads, rotor, calipers and brake fluid Test your fluids and top off if needed Inspect and replace wiper blades and treat windshield with Rain-X And perform our Digital 27-point Courtesy Safety Inspection That's a 20% Savings! If a road trip is not in your near future, you'll be pleased to know our new synthetic blend oil and filter change is now priced at only $27.95 +tax (or $59.95 for our full synthetic oil and filter change). And don't forget our oil change program: 3 oil changes get you your 4th oil cha ... read more



Keep your family safe with proper tire care

Are your tires worn out? Is you car shaking? Are your treads not passing the popular "penny test"? Then you may need new tires. Tires are the connection between your vehicle and the surface of the road. They are a critical part of your vehicle’s suspension system. But most importantly they are critical to road safety. Without proper care you could face issues of tread separations, blowouts, bald tires, and underinflation. So don't wait, Make an Appointment or Call Us for Same Day Service. We'll be happy to inspect your tires and replace them if needed. Did you now that 9% of the estimated total crashes are “tire-related crashes.”* Watch this short video to learn the benefits of proper tire maintenance: At Winkler Automotive Service Center, we provide new tires to customers in Gaithersburg, MD, Germantown, MD, Rockville, MD, and surrounding areas


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