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About Winkler Automotive Service Center

Our Values

Our Values

  • Excellence - give and do your best work always - never settle for status QUO and strive for greatness daily.
  • Lifelong learner - always strive to learn more, ask questions and seek Knowledge
  • Mutual respect - practice active listening, awareness and appreciation for others.
  • Pride - Consistency in workplace safety, cleanliness and organization

Our Vision

To make servicing vehicles an enjoyable, valuable and respected experience:
  • by educating society-at-large on the fast-changing complexity of vehicles and the specialized high-tech skills needed to work on them.
  • by educating tomorrow's workforce on the hard and soft skills needed to be a successful professional working on today's and tomorrow's high-tech vehicles.
  • by treating our customers, employees and vendors with respect and dignity and earning their trust and respect in return.
  • by adapting and adopting new and better ways and technologies.

Our Mission

    We passionately partner with our customers to provide exceptional service for the reliable and safe enjoyment of their road-based means of transportation.
    We are experts in all types of services and repairs on all systems of all Domestic and Asian vehicles, from light cars to medium-size trucks, from combustion engine to hybrid to all electric.
    our Customers is to provide exceptional Service so they can become lifelong customers
    our Employees is to provide the best possible working environment to allow them to achieve their highest potential
    our Company is to perform profitable work to continue creating high-value employment opportunities
    our Community is to be a positive and contributing presence to help in strengthening our citizens
    Caring Professionalism, Warmth, Friendliness, Empathy, and Honesty!


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About Winkler Automotive Service Center

About Us | Winkler Automotive

When I started driving, my mom could not be happier because she told me going forward, I would be dealing with the dealership where she took her car for service. I didn’t really understand it then. I was only 18.

As the years went by, I became an engineer with a passion for business, technology and entrepreneurship. I also dealt with the dealership for my vehicle’s and mom’s services and repairs. And I didn’t like it.

Let’s fast forward a couple of decades. When the opportunity presented itself to acquire an existing automotive shop, I saw it as the springboard to achieving a vision I had had for a few years: creating an amazing automotive service company with multiple locations. Of course, it helped that I have a passion for cars 😉

I acquired Winkler Automotive Service Center in 2015, and made the necessary technology and culture changes to align it for growth through exceptional service.

Everything we do and all decisions we make are about our customers and employees.

When you come to us for service, you will find a team of joyous and highly trained professionals. But most importantly, you’ll find a team of professionals who are human, compassionate and who truly care.

We hope that you give us a chance to show you why we should become your go-to Automotive Service Center.


Karim Morsli - Owner

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