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At Winkler Automotive Service Center, We Turn Wrenches Happily!

The Next 30 Years

In December 2015, Winkler Automotive Service Center changed ownership.After more than 30 years at the helm, cultivating and growing a highly reputable business, George Winkler understood that the automotive industry had entered the midst of a revolution. During his time, George saw the fuel injection take over the carbureted systems, and the ever increasing reach of digital systems in cars. Today, cars are being redefined on a yearly basis.

The average car today is a complex assortment of computers talking over a network, constantly monitoring and adjusting a myriad of parameters to ensure the proper function of all systems, from engine to transmission to the entertainment center.

Properly diagnosing a car today requires an expert mechanical grasp as well as a deep understanding of the various information technology systems imbedded in each car.

The ability to plug into a car and listen to and understand the streams of data coming from it is critical for the successful repair of your vehicle.

The new owner, Karim Morsli, a long time enthusiast of cars and their information technology systems brings a deep understanding of the intricate mixture of mechanical and digital systems found in today’s vehicles.

About the Owner, Karim Morsli

An engineer by trade who has worked in the oil fields and information technology industry, Karim is passionate about the new direction the automotive industry is taking, and in particular the critical role independent service centers will need to evolve into to ensure all present and future car owners will have the choice of where to have their vehicle serviced besides the dealership.

Karim is an innovator who works on multiple levels within the industry (education and legislative) to ensure his service center and others like his are ready for the challenges ahead. Always one to practice an open door approach, he is always willing to teach and share his knowledge, and is also an avid learner!

It is under his watchful innovative guidance that Winkler automotive Service Center will continue to successfully service the Gaithersburg community, just as it has for the past 34 years, and we hope you will join us on this journey.

The Team

Dave King – Service Manager

Dave is the proud father of 2 wonderful young adult children and has been married for 28 years. He enjoys outdoor activities that include mountain biking, golf, ski, kayaking, concerts and the occasional hike. He is also a believer in giving back to those that have served our country through groups like wounded warrior, salute military golf association and DAV (Disabled American Veterans). He has worked in the industry for over 20 years, and is always attentive to the customer’s needs.

Tyler Black - Service Writer

My name is Tyler and I am an automotive technician at Winkler Automotive. I have been here for almost 3 years and enjoy it more everyday. I attended CCBC and studied in their Global Automotive program for 2 years and graduated with an Associates Degree of Applied Science and an automotive training certificate. I continued my studies through ASE and have earned 5 of the 8 certifications needed to become a master technician. I enjoy working on my own cars and participating in drift events. I hope to one day be only working on performance oriented vehicles and eventually own my own automotive shop.

Paul Foster – Master ASE Mechanic

I have been working at Winker Automotive for 28 years. I am a master certified ASE mechanic and a certified Maryland state inspector. I am also certified in emission repairs. I love the everyday challenge of repairing today’s vehicles. My hobbies include tractor pulling, hunting and fishing.

Donald Rutledge – Master ASE Mechanic

I have lived in the Gaithersburg/ Germantown area for 52 years, and have been working at Winkler Automotive for 24 years, where I am a Certified Master ASE mechanic. Ask me if I still enjoy it and I will tell you “YES!”. In my free time, I enjoy hunting and fishing.

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